My Story

I have been an educator for over 10 years and I feel that I have had phenomenal experiences that have helped me to evolve into the educator that I am today.  Before we get to that part let me give you a glimpse into who I am as a person.  I grew up in a small town in Northeast Pennsylvania called Nescopeck and attended Berwick High School.  My parents still live in Nescopeck and I have one younger brother who lives outside the Baltimore area and is a golf course superintendent.  I attended Kutztown University for my undergraduate degree focusing on secondary education with a concentration in social studies.

After graduating from Kutztown University, I was hired at Louis E. Dieruff High School located in Allentown Pennsylvania.  During my time at Dieruff, I taught 9th grade U.S. History to all levels of students.  Urban education is a great challenge, but it also offers so many great opportunities.  I was able to work with amazing teachers who helped me grow as a young educator.  I was also able to be part of many great initiatives that would prepare for my leadership positions that would come further down the road.  Also during my time in Allentown I attended Wilkes University where I was able to obtain my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.  I will always say that I was able to get my first leadership opportunity as a teacher and I truly believe the best leaders are the teachers that are always looking to improve their school and their students learning.

My first principal position came with the Muhlenberg School District, which is located outside of Reading PA.  I tell everyone this and former AP’s in this position can concur, it was a unique position for a first-time assistant principal to have.  I was able to work solely on curriculum, professional development, and classroom instruction.  It afforded me so many different opportunities than a typical AP job entails.  From there I made the move to the East Penn School district, working at Eyer Middle School.  During my time at Eyer, I was again able to experience a unique educational setting that was unlike anything I had experienced before.  As an administrator, your job always entails improving climate and culture.  This was not needed at this school due to the teachers and staff at this building.  I can truly say going to work was a joy each and every day and it was because of the environment that the staff created at this building.  The building principal and I would eat lunch with the staff in the faculty lounge and play trivia on a daily basis.  This is a small example of what a positive school culture this building has and also how great of an impact it had on student achievement.

After experiencing my own personal challenges that continue to make me a better person and better educator I decided to take a leap and go after my first principal position.  I was fortunate enough to land in the Centennial School District and continue the fun in middle school.  I currently work at Klinger Middle School which is located in Southampton, PA.  The district and the building have gone through many transitions over the past few years.   I believe and hope that we are a perfect match for each other.  I get to work with an amazing staff and great students, what more could you ask for?  It has been an exciting first year and I really look forward to where we are going.

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